Examination Rules

Admissions of the students of class 9 – 1 2 will not be sent to the Board for Annual Examination who fail to attend 75% of the total number of lectures.
The student who does not appear in send up test will not be allowed to appear in the Board Examination.
Send-Up Examinations are mandatory for all students to send regular admission to Board.
Students must secure at least 50% marks in all the subjects in the Send-Up exams.
Students must appear in the series test to obtain the roll number slip.

Promotion Policy:

  • Passing percentage for core subjects (English, Urdu, Science, Math) is 45% while for non-core subjects (Computer Science / Arabic, History / Geography, Literature) is 40%.
  • Failing in only two non-core subjects will be promoted to next class.
  • Failing in one non-core & one core subject will also be promoted.
  • The student promoted with reference to aforesaid criterion shall in no case fall below 30% in core subject and 25% in non-core subject.

(ii) Not appearing in the school test.

(iii) Absence from classes for 6 days or more in a month continuously or otherwise may be allowed re-admission within 15 days.

  • The re-admission fee will be Rs. 2500/-
  • In case he/she does not apply within the prescribed period his admission Will be cancelled.
  • The Names of the students who are Defaulters of 2 months fee will be struck off from the institution.