General Rules

Rules for College Section:

• Admissions of the students of class 9 – 1 2 will not be sent to the Board for Annual Examination who fail to attend 75% of the total number of lectures .
• The student who does not appear in send up test will not be allowed to appear in the Board Examination.
• Send-Up Examinations are mandatory for all students to send regular admission to Board.
• Students must secure at least 50% marks in all the subjects in the Send-Up exams.
• Students must appear in the series test to obtain the roll number slip.

Rules for School Section:

• Passing percentage for core subjects (English, Urdu, Science, Maths) is 45% while for non-core subjects (Computer Science / Arabic, History / Geography, Literature) is 40%.
• Failing in only two non-core subjects will be promoted to next class.
• Failing in one non-core & one core subject will also be promoted.
• The student promoted with reference to aforesaid criterion shall in no case fall below 30% in core subject and 25% in non-core subject.
• The students from Nursery to 3 Classes will not be promoted to next class whose overall marks percentage is less than 40.
• The students from 4 to 7 Classes will not be promoted to next class whose overall marks percentage is less than 40 OR he/she has failed in more than 2 subjects.


Migration, Struck Off & Re-admission

  1. The student who intends to migrate from the college should apply to the Principal for this purpose. The application
    must be signed by the parents or the guardian.
  2. The college leaving certificate will only be issued to a student who pays all dues up-to the date.
  3. The name of a student will be dropped from the college roll if he remains absent for 6 days or more in a month,
  4. A student whose name has been dropped from the college roll due to:
    (i) Non-payment of dues.
    (ii) Liable to be revised under the B.O.G. Decisions
  5. The school sets out to create a caring atmosphere where children are encouraged to develop their natural talents and abilities.
  6. High standards of behaviour and respect for others are expected.
  7. The agreed system for managing pupils’ behaviour is based on a clear and simple set of rules, rewards and consequences.
  8. It is based on the premise that each child accepts responsibility for his own behaviour. Our role as parents and mentors
    within the DPS College Okara community is to work together to help children make the right choices about their behaviour.
  9. The agreed rules, rewards and consequences are
    (i) Maintaining Good Behaviour
    (ii) Show kindness.
    (iii) Respect all.


  • Verbal praise.
  • Sent to Section Head / Co-Ordinator.
  • Individual certificates.
  • Sent to Principal.
  • Phone call to parents.
  • Appreciation Letter to parents


  • Warning.
  • Stay 1 minute at the end of class.
  • Stay 3 minutes at the end of class.
  • Ban of break time to have a discussion with the class teacher.
  • Phone call/ letter to parents.
  • Severe Clause: Sent to Principal/ Vice Principal
  • Struck off


  • For Health & Safety reasons and as we cannot accept responsibility for articles of particular value, we ask the students not to wear any jewelry in the school apart from an inexpensive wristwatch. In particular, we discourage wearing rings and earrings.
  • Students are NOT allowed to bring mobile phones to school / College.

Leave policy:

  • Leave applications signed only by parents / guardians are entertained.
  • More than 2 days leave can only be granted with the permission of the Section Head / Co-ordinator.
  • No back dated leave application is accepted.
  • Students pay a fine of Rs 20/- per day for absence without permission.
  • Students have to follow the re-admission procedure if the name is struck off the School / College roll.

Code of Conduct:

  • All students are expected to show a high sense of dignity, courtesy and decency in behavior.
  • It is expected from them to be considerate and display personal honesty.
  • Cheating, stealing, bunking classes and missing practical exams are serious offences and may result
  • Into expulsion of the student.
  • Littering, scribbling and wall – chalking are prohibited.
  • Damage to College property / furniture will result in fine / penalty.
  • Smoking within the College premises is strictly prohibited. Those who violate this rule will be terminated from the institution. Any staff member can check a School / College student within the premises and recommend him for fine to the Principal.
  • No student is allowed to possess arms of any kind. Those who violate this rule will be punished terminated and will be handed over to the police for punishment according to the law